John and I want to tell you how much joy Charlie has brought to our life's. He is a wonderful dog. He is so sweet and loving. His trainer says he is one of the smartest dogs she has ever worked with. He has grown into a very handsome teenager-not just our opinion we get many compliments in him. He is a delightful companion for us.

John and Joan 

I am constantly amazed at how smart she is.......show her a new thing to do once or twice and 

she not only knows what to do but sometimes she will anticipate your instructions. She still makes me laugh out loud two or three times a day. Cannot ask for more.


I can't thank you enough, for working with me, so I could take my little angel home with me...she is smart as a whip!! I just love her to pieces.


Darby is a true blessing to us. She really has filled that void. Thank you!


Sending a long overdue announcement to you...I introduce you to Duncan MacDuff...His spunk and liveliness have been fantastic to behold. Duncan is one of the very best. Thank you Sherry


I feel soooo blessed. She is helping us all with her exuberance, trust and love. I'm so glad to have met you. I talked to my son about your husband. Your husband is one of his favorite authors...I love the connection.