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  Bartlett Creek Labradoodles is owned by renowned author H.C. Wells (The Time To Tell Series) and his wife Sherry. Prior to discovering their love for Labradoodles, H.C. and Sherry were involved in rescue work with Australian Cattle Dogs. However, over time H.C. as well as one of their daughters began to develop allergies. This led them to the wonderful world of American Labradoodles. Our  Labradoodle puppies are hypoallergenic and non-shedding making them the perfect pet for those with allergies. 

History of Bartlett Creek Labradoodles


  Bartlett Creek Labradoodles is named in honor of the creek that runs through our historic 400-acre ranch in Northern California. Our home was established in 1871 and has been in our family for many years. Our doodles love the clean air, beautiful creek and wide open spaces that the ranch offers.  Our second home is on a 20- acre ranch near Bend Oregon. We are located in a gorgeous community that lends itself to a near perfect environment for dogs. Our American Labradoodles love having extensive room to roam and a pond to play in when at their Oregon home.      



  Our goal is to breed puppies with sound minds and bodies as well as a sweet temperament. Our Labradoodles are almost non-shedding, allergy-friendly and asthma-friendly dogs that come in a range of coat colors. Our puppies come in two sizes, medium and standard. We breed for two coat types, a curly coat and a wavy fleece coat.   


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